Budapest Lángos

Budapest Lángos brings an authentic taste of Hungary to the people of Darwen

A tempting menu of traditional Hungarian favourites

Opening soon!

Posted by Budapest Lángos on Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Husband and wife team, Nandor and Agota Nagy, bring a delicious taste of Hungary to Darwen Market with their Hungarian street food stall, Budapest Lángos.


Lángos is a popular snack in Hungary, and is made from deep-fried sourdough. It can be served with a variety of toppings – on the menu at Budapest Lángos is sour cream, cheese, garlic and homemade goulash sauce!

In addition to Lángos, traditional Hungarian pancakes (also known as “palacsinta”) are on offer, with fillings including cottage cheese with vanilla sugar and lemon, and apricot jam.

Nandor and Agota have recently added authentic goulash soup to their menu – a hearty and warming dish made using vegetables from Woods Fruit & Veg stall.