The Bacon Stall

Local, fresh and home made. Everything you want from a market stall!

Individual portions and dietary requirements
catered to

Rushtons have been in Darwen for over 50 years and are now owned by Verity and Dean. The stall is stuffed full of home made products including sweet and savoury baked goods, meats, pies and even curries.


Verity showcases her cookery skills in the delicious hearty home made food and Rushtons sell everything in individual portions reducing cost and waste! They will also cater to gluten free, vegetarian and vegan requirements.


Customers love the traditional puddings such as syrup sponge, jam sponge and even chocolate sponge with mint custard. A throwback to school dinners that was so popular it now makes a frequent appearance and people buy in bulk. 

Fruit pies and perfect pastries

As well as home made quiche, chilli and chicken madras, Rushtons also offer a large range of pies. You can find Bolton’s famous Carr’s pasties and steak puddings plus Sanderson’s bakery products too.


In true Darwen fashion you can also pick up a Whinberry pie, a real treat and hard to find anywhere else!

Verity and Dean have a huge, loyal customer base who come for both the bacon and meat as well as Verity’s home made meals.

Verity is also the Market Representative and volunteers a huge amount of time to support market events and initiatives as well as helping her fellow traders.

Dean and Verity’s favourite stall on the market:

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