Steff's Pets

If you love animals then you will love Steff's Pets Stall and your pets will love you for shopping here!

Everything your pet could want and need

Steff’s Pets has been on Darwen Market for over 21 years. With everything for your furry and feathered friends you are sure to be able to find the perfect food and accessories for your pets.


Steff has a wide range of accessories, leads, collars, bowls, bells, toys and tags. The pet beds are also stacked high to give you the best choice.


Natural dog treats are one of Steff’s specialities and include pigs’ ears, smoked buffalo throat, dried tripe, cows’ lungs, pigs’s veins, chicken necks, duck wings, cow and pig noses, paddywhack and trotters. 


You will find popular and bulk supplies of biscuit mixes and gravy bones, along with chocolate drop treats.If you want to look after the local wildlife as well, Steff stocks a wide range of wild bird foods including suet pellets and sunflower hearts.